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What's with the name YellowBug?

July 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Greetings friends!

Well, I'm not necessarily the best at 'blogging' but trying to jump on the train!  I read so many great blogs that I think...'wow, I wish I had written that!'  So I guess I had better just give it try!  

We have been busy here at YellowBug this year, growing and learning and meeting many wonderful people!  Many people ask me..."What is with the name 'YellowBug'?"  Yes, it is a strange name but it hold strong meaning in my life.  Let me share a little about my life.  My first car was a 1972 Yellow VW convertible Bug- I LOVED this car!  I saved up my money and bought it all myself back in the late 80's, in college back in Nebraska.  When my 'now' hubby and I decided we wanted to get married, we decided to do the 'responsible' thing and sell the car, save our money and prove to our parents we were ready to handle life on our own (the car was not the most reliable and we had to have something more dependable).  So off we married and began life...started a family, moved to SD and continued to have 6 kids!  All the time, whenever we saw a little VW convertible bug, we lamented the fact that we didn't have our little fun car anymore.  I mean...who doesn't smile when they see a cute little VW bug driving down the street?  That car just oozes happiness!  Fast forward to awesome hubby David, unbeknowst to me, had been searching the country for a replica of my first car for well over a year.  He had many people searching for him too and I was oblivious to it!  To make a long story short, he NEVER GAVE UP and found a car...on EBAY! FL no less... that happened to be near his aunt's home.  She went and checked it out and he bought it, had it shipped here and presented it to me in April of 2011!  So amazing...probably the most amazing thing ever...after my wedding and birth of my children of course...

So this little car makes me smile whenever I think of the hard work and perseverance it represents.  It represents, fun and devotion and silliness that my life is all about.  It represents, not giving up when the going gets tough.  It represents finding the beauty in the old and worn out and that shiny and new doesn't have to be the only way.  When my little photography business started to inch closer to a real business and not a hobby, I was struggling for a business name.  Someone said, "Choose something that makes you smile and happy when you think of it...something that holds meaning to you".  So I jokingly said, "YellowBug"....and it stuck!  Our namesake car is in our garage and still needs some TLC...but we aren't selling it...but hope to drive it again soon!  

Our company name represents to you our dedication, perseverance and hard work we will put into your memories and events of your lives!  We have fun wherever we go and can turn awkward photoshoots into a fun memorable time.  God has blessed me with a love of photography and desire to share my love with others.  I am also blessed to share this love with other photographers that have helped me grow and learn in this business.  I continue to learn everyday and look forward to all the challenges and excitement this field brings.  I am committed to working with our customers to fit their budgets and needs to create a package that they can be excited about!  

Well, that's all for my first Blog post...more later!!

Happy day to you!!





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